The best way to lose and control weight is to combine diet and physical exercise. Applying this premise you will lose more fat, maintain your muscle mass and avoid regaining weight when you return to your usual diet.

General guidelines for losing weight

To achieve a definitive reduction of the weight you must apply 3 general guidelines:

  1. Consume a hypocaloric diet. The diet is an essential component in the prevention and treatment of obesity and overweight.
  2. Stay active: Physical activity, whatever its intensity, facilitates the expenditure of energy and, therefore, helps reduce weight. It also allows to increase muscle mass that is lost when hypocaloric diet are performed.
  3. Modify your eating habits and establish a healthy lifestyle to guarantee the maintenance of the achieved weight. It can be relatively easy to lose weight, the difficult thing is to maintain.

Any attempt to reduce weight requires effort and, therefore, interest, will, and motivation.

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Avoid standardized diets. Avoid standardized diets. It is important that your diet be individualized taking into account your health status, the weight you want to achieve, your eating habits and your lifestyle. The objectives have to be real and easy to achieve, in line with the possibilities of each person. Initially, they should be unambitious to act as a positive reinforcement. All this will guarantee the success of the treatment.

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Here are 10 weight loss tips

  1. Drink more water: It is very important that you increase considerably the amount of water you drink every day since the low consumption of liquids slows down the metabolism. A study conducted in 2009 by the Department of Human Nutrition, Food and Sports in Virginia confirmed the link between water consumption and its benefit in weight loss
  2. If you’re hungry mid-morning or mid-afternoon, opt for healthy snacks like fruit, nuts or yogurt.
  3. Green tea is a great ally: Green tea increases the metabolism and oxidation of fats thanks to the action of catechin polyphenols.
  4. Spices such as capsaicin (found inside chili peppers) can help you lose weight and prevent the accumulation of fat.
  5. Chew slowly and savor: Apply mindfulness to your diet, focus your mind, concentrate on the food assimilating the tastes, smells, and textures of each dish. Chew slowly and with very small bites to improve digestion, applying this method you will avoid intestinal discomfort.
  6. Stay more active every day: In addition to doing sports such as running, swimming or practicing yoga, you should incorporate routines that are easy to apply to your day-to-day life, such as going up and down the stairs or going to work walking or cycling. Do not forget to perform resistance exercises to avoid the loss of muscle mass and speed up the metabolism.
  7. One of the best-known tricks to lose weight is to eat from smaller plates, this has a psychological effect and allows you to control the amount of food you consume.
  8. Take control of your food: In this way, you can carry out a more conscious diet and correct bad habits. Avoid heavy dinners, alcohol and carbonated drinks.
  9. Whole foods: Avoid the refined carbohydrates. The best thing is to opt for integral products that stand out for being rich in fiber.
  10. Sleep: Eight hours of sleep each night are as important as your diet and exercise regimen when it comes to losing weight. A study conducted at the University of Leeds showed that those individuals who slept six hours or less a day had waists 3 cm larger than those who slept nine hours a day.