There is no doubt that in the show world all artists want to look perfect and have a slender body. Of course, like the rest of the people, the famous ones also suffer weight changes for countless reasons and do not hesitate to experiment with the strictest diets to obtain the figure they want.

After her divorce from Jordan Bratman, Christina Aguilera increased 40 pounds due to the intake of unhealthy foods such as pizza, hamburgers and excessive alcohol consumption. Apparently, Christina Aguilera has gone through difficult routes to lose weight. But she succeeded! The famous singer managed to lose weight by putting into practice several methods that, in the end, turned out to be very effective.

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Christina Aguilera is one of those women who showed the world that with will and discipline it is possible to lose weight. Although many assured that she had a little help from the scalpel, the singer denied it and assured that she recovered her weight thanks to a millennial Japanese therapy.

With the aim of recovering the attractive silhouette with which she jumped to stardom, the singer Christina Aguilera immersed herself in an exhaustive and healthy routine that consisted of following a diet low in carbohydrates and, above all, in undergoing the Japanese health therapy known as Reiki.

The pop star assured that she feels renewed for her weight loss and for the opportunity she has now to enjoy much more the company of her son Max.

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“I’ve finally had a break and I’ve been able to spend time with my son. Being able to breathe, having time to be away from the cameras and focusing on all the real and personal things allowed me to renew myself. ” Aguilera commented.

Christina managed to lose weight thanks to the techniques of the Reiki method, which aims to cleanse the body, emotions, and spirit. It is a philosophy of life that helped her lose weight and eat healthily. Today she continues to see a Reiki specialist three times a week. Other of her tricks is to maintain a low carb diet and intensify her yoga sessions.

What is Reiki method?

Reiki is a natural harmonization system that uses the Universal Life Energy, which allows treating diseases and physical and mental imbalances. Mikao Usui, (Japanese Buddhist monk) was the one who developed Reiki during a spiritual retreat in the mid-nineteenth century, although he always claimed that he only “rediscovered” a millennial healing technique that had existed but had long been forgotten.

The practice of Reiki is based on an emitter who, through their hands, transmits Reiki (vital energy) to a receiver, in order to alleviate or eliminate discomfort and illness.

It is a harmless energy, without side effects, it is practical, safe, efficient and compatible with any other type of therapy.

The Reiki method is based on the Hindu belief that the correct flow of Life Energy through the different chakras is what ensures a good state of health in the body. According to this belief, the malfunction or blockage of energy in one or several chakras would be what causes or exacerbates the poor state of health, leading to diseases. The method consists of directing the Reiki energy to the chakras of a patient (receiver), unblocking them and enhancing the recovery process of the receiver.


Reiki cannot replace medical treatment, although it can be used in a complementary way.

Reiki reaches far beyond the physical body. It is effective in many physical and psychological discomforts and disorders, such as anxiety, stress, insomnia, arthritis, headaches, gastric problems and also acts as a healer of deep emotional blocks.

It is a preventive and curative energy, It helps to improve the general state of healthy or sick people, since it balances the energies, liberates the emotions, develops the conscience, increases the creativity and raises the vital energy.

Health is not based solely on our physical state (diseases); It is also reflected in the emotional, mental and spiritual state of the people. Reiki helps us to face life with greater balance.

How is a Reiki session?

In a Reiki session, the person sits or lies down without taking off their clothes on a stretcher and closes their eyes. Once lying down, the receiver relaxes the whole body and keeps the mind calm and calm. The therapist will begin to walk the patient’s body with the palm of their hands without touching it, resting at the height of the various organs in order to heal them.

It is important to keep in mind that all hands have energy and have the virtue of healing and unlocking the chakras or energy centers. Reiki is based on renewing the energy of the body from the head to the feet, in order to transmit peace, harmonize, energize, relax, stabilize and promote the state of general health.

Ideal for losing weight

We all know that being overweight does not only come from poor diet or lack of exercise since it can also be caused by emotional disturbances such as anxiety and depression among others. Reiki heals and decreases anxiety and depression, eliminates toxins and helps in the treatment of diabetes, bulimia, and anorexia.

Exercises to practice daily

  1. Place your hands on the sides of the head, close your eyes and breathe gently to reduce stress, release tensions and unlock the seventh chakra, called Sahasrara (brain, skull and pineal gland).
  2. Put your hands on the throat to regulate the thyroid gland, balance the metabolism, release the anguish, regulate the weight and unlock the fifth chakra, called Visuddha.
  3. Position your hands at the level of your navel joining the thumbs and index fingers of the hands to purify and detoxify the organism and unlock the third chakra, called Manipura (stomach, liver, pancreas, bile and vegetative nervous system).

Putting these three exercises of Reiki into practice will help to heal your vital organs and obtain their slimming benefits. Remember to include fruits and vegetables in your daily routine and exercise frequently.