Columbia Women’s Whirlibird Interchange Jacket Review

Whirlibird Interchange JacketThe women’s Columbia Whirlibird interchange jacket is a three in one jacket that’s both stylish and comfortable. It also offers a better fit than some of Columbia’s triclimate models and has a reputation for offering more features and a ton of style. Consumers really loved how the layers work individually and the updated versatility that includes pockets in the inner jacket layer, in addition to pockets in the shell.

Columbia is a popular company that offers high quality clothing and accessories for the outdoors enthusiast. Now, they offer the Columbia Whirlibird, a very versatile jacket that was well received by most consumers.

Columbia Women’s Snowboarding Jacket Assessment

This model is available in a wide range of patterns and twenty colors including black, grey, cross dye in trade winds, bright plum, floral print in bluebell, white, punch pink, ebony blue, and geoprint just to name a few.

This is a three in one jacket, which allows for more versatility and layering options when compared to a standalone jacket. This in turn, makes it ideal for a number of outdoor applications. The Columbia interchange jacket offers three wear options: the interior insulation can be worn alone, as can the outer shell, or you can wear both together for especially windy and cold days out on the slopes. While heavier than a regular hard shell, the exterior jacket works well when you’re working hard outdoors.

The Columbia rain jacket is considered relatively water resistant, according to consumers. The manufacturer uses their patented multi-layer omni-tech system that works to keep the wearer dry. During use, consumers didn’t notice any wind penetrating the zippers, but they did have a tough time when it came to zipping up the collar if they were wearing extra layers around the neck like a scarf or buff.

The hood of the jacket doesn’t quite fit over a snowboarding helmet and users had trouble keeping it on when they were going downhill. The hood is also removable, for added convenience.

Described as somewhat breathable, however, consumers still reported working up a sweat on occasion. Some consumers were frustrated that the jacket has armpit zippers for underarm ventilation, but there are no options to vent the jacket’s interior. This is just an example of the jacket’s layers not working well with each other.

The coat’s synthetic material was able to easily wick moisture away sufficiently. Many consumers felt that the ability to remove the insulated layer when the weather warmed up was a big advantage.

The removable interior layer features the patented omni-heat feature, which is designed to keep the wearer warm by reflecting their body heat back at them using tiny aluminum dots. This is similar to how a space blanket works. Consumers weren’t sure if the tiny dots were what kept them warm or if the added warmth was due to the combination of the wind resistant outer shell and the thick synthetic insulation.

Some consumers just weren’t sold on the inner liner’s durability and felt that the silver dots would eventually wear out. Columbia whirlibird jacket features eighty grams of insulation and is said to be warmer than many other jackets in this price range.

Columbia has tweaked some of the ski features that are found on this Columbia 3 in 1 jacket model and have removed the comfortable wrist gaiters on the inner jacket, which many consumers loved. They have also added an interior zip pocket goggle pocket to the inner jacket, but they’ve taken away the goggle pocket on the shell layer. While this is okay if the wearer plans on using both of the layers together, it’s not so great when the wearer is out on a warm day and just wearing the shell. Although, the shell does feature two hand warmer pockets and a powder skirt. It really needs more small zippered pockets and a pass pocket so the wearer will have places to stash important personal items.

Columbia Whirlibird Pros and Cons

Columbia Women's Whirlibird Interchange JacketPros: This is one comfortable Columbia 3 in 1 women’s jacket that allows for excellent mobility when you’re carving turns on the slopes. The jacket’s size feels more relaxed and will not hinder your range of motion. Most consumers can agree that the individual layers work great separately. The shell is a great water and wind resistant layer that you can wear on a warmer day, while the interior layer is warm and a good option to wear around town, however, when worn together, this combination takes away from the jacket’s overall functionality. Many women considered this model more stylish than other three in one jackets on the market.

Consumers loved that both the exterior and interior functioned and looked great individually and they especially enjoyed the snug interior jacket because it’s warm and offers a good fit. The wide range of colors and patterns were also a big selling point for this jacket. While considered a little boxy, the shell allows for plenty of space to store your belongings, without making the jacket look unflattering.

Cons: Consumers noted that when the jacket is worn together it tends to make the powder skirt awkward and less functional. However, this problem can be easily solved if the wearer zips each layer to itself and avoids attaching them together. Since Columbia moved the big mesh goggle pocket to the insulated layer from the shell layer, now you’re stuck without a pocket for your goggles on days when you decide to just wear the shell, which many consumers found frustrating. Consumers who are searching for an even warmer option can take a look at the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer hooded down jacket, which is also available in a wide range of color options.

Columbia Snowboarding Jacket Conclusion and Rating

Consumers who purchased this model gave it a rating of five out of five stars, which makes this model our top rated product and one of the best snowboarding jackets on the market. This is a model that’s perfect for snowboarding, skiing, hiking in the snow and a number of other winter activities that you can now enjoy inside your snug and warm new jacket.