Ghost Whisperer Down Jacket by Mountain Hardwear Review

Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Hooded Down JacketThe Mountain Hardwear ghost whisperer hooded jacket is feather light and paper thin. It features a simple, modern design that allows the user to rely on it in a number of weather conditions. Whether you’re on a multi-day expedition or multi-pitch climb, this jacket has exactly what you need to get you through your journey, safely and comfortably. The jacket is heavy on tech, incorporating the 7DX10D rip stop nylon fabric and the Q shield hydrophobic down materials that are moisture resistant.

The jacket is not a multi-layer model that focuses on storage and adjustability. Instead, it actually thrives on simplicity and still manages to beat out more expensive models because of its innovative lightweight design and its reputation for warmth, packability and reliability out on the slopes.

The Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Hood Snowboarding Jacket Rundown

While this jacket is definitely worthy of all the consumer praise it has received, it does come with a few limitations that may make you pass this model by. Besides being extremely light in weight it’s also a little light on the extras, such as internal pockets which can help to create an additional layer of protection and a hood that’s adjustable. But aside from a couple of design flaws, this model received plenty of positive consumer feedback.

The mountain hardwear ghost whisperer weighs just over eight ounces, making it around four ounces lighter than its competitors. The jacket itself retains all the necessary features that are required in order to be a standalone jacket that’s also fully functional. This model was designed with boarders and hikers in mind, but because of its lightweight design and water resistance abilities, it’s also a great jacket to travel with.

While stripped down of extras, it has a lot to offer in terms of fit and heat capabilities. On the waist, the single draw cord will work to trap warmth in and keep cold winds out. The hood rim and the elastic cuffs also do a great job of preventing the cold from coming in, even though they lack adjustability.

While many consumers felt that this model would be more at home in the high mountains or on a cold desert night, it still provides a lot of protection in the rain and snow.

It’s true that this model isn’t able to replace your belay heavy jacket, however, it’s the perfect mid-altitude, light rain boarding or hiking jacket. It’s also best suited for windy, cold and dry terrain and it performs well as a single insulation piece or part of a layering system.   In terms of weight to warmth ratio, consumers will be hard pressed to find a better jacket.

The mountain hardwear down jacket is made using eight hundred fill power down and it does a fine job of demonstrating that the quality of material really matters when it comes to staying warm. The rip stop nylon does an impressive job of keeping the wind out, which is crucial when it comes to the wearer retaining body heat.

Mountain Hardware Boarding and Hiking Jacket Pros and Cons

Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Hooded Down Jacket - Men'sPros: The lightweight design is very appealing to consumers who are looking for a warm jacket to take on longer hikes and camping adventures. Even though the jacket is made from ultra-light fabric, the jacket itself is considered incredibly strong. Down is considered one of the most efficient insulators per gram around, making it the material of choice when a jacket’s weight matters.

When you pack it up, the ghost whisperer jacket can basically disappear into its own pocket and forms a very small package, making it the perfect choice for long boarding trips or hikes. The down is also able to quickly regain its loft after being compressed, making it impressively durable.

The Ghost Whisperer is available in fifteen different colors and a wide range of sizes.

It also offers a somewhat loose fit, which allows the wearer to layer their clothing comfortably. The fit itself also does not hinder movement.

The jacket is ideal for backcountry skiing, hiking, and snowboarding. It tends to thrive in the moderate cold when thicker outer layers are not necessary.

Because of its thin construction and the fact that it allows the wearer to move freely, it’s also a good option for exercising in.

Cons: with no Velcro on the cuffs and no drawcord on the hood and a lack of reinforced areas, the minimalist design of the ghost whisperer down jacket offers the type of functionality you’ll need out on the slopes. Should you run into a problem out on the slopes or on a camping trip, repairing this type of jacket can be almost impossible, due to the down filling. Not only that, but wearing down when stuck in a downpour can be a nightmare. When down is soaked, it will basically lose all of its insulating power. But thanks to the innovative materials used, including hydrophobic down technology, this mountain hardwear jacket can handle light to medium rainfall with ease.

Snowboarding Jacket by Mountain Hardware Conclusion and Rating

This mountain hardwear rain jacket is defined more by what it lacks than what it has. The cuffs and hood lack adjustability, but can easily suction cup themselves over gloves and helmets, providing just the right amount of protection against the elements. The two pockets are placed on the body in a location that prevents them from getting buried under a harness. The jacket’s hem is placed low enough to remain under a harness when the wearer is moving and the sleeves are highly flexible, which is ideal for climbing, hiking, boarding and skiing. While the addition of some internal stash pockets and other favorite features would be nice, the overall lightweight design of this jacket is what really sells it to the outdoors enthusiasts.

Consumers who purchased this model gave it a high rating of four and a half out of five stars. This light, super packable jacket offers surprising water resistance and warmth for such as thin design.  Consumers who are looking for the best down jacket with more bells and whistles can check out the Burton Jet Set jacket, which is available at a comparable price.